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Okay… so Rob kept bugging the crap out of me to enable comments on my journal. Okay maybe he didn’t bug the crap out of me. Or maybe he did! Rob you are such a nag!

Please check out the new comments feature and leave me some! Let me know that you’re alive and if these comments are working ok. I programmed it 100% by myself and I know, that makes me a nerd, but I don’t know if they even work well.


MY Journal

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Yeah, did you know that I wrote the program for my journal? Yeah, it’s FREAKING FANCY… I have this page where I have a secure login and I can type in my own journal entries and stuff and it will update this journal page automatically for me – because I AM A NERD.

Anyway, I’m noticing that I’m becoming a part of this whole blogging community. Funny since I’ve been “blogging” since like 1998? When I first started there wasn’t all this fancy blogging software – you just had to know html and make it look like what blogs look like now – only now, you can add comments and have all kinds of cool little features. After writing this program, I just got a notice from my webhosting company that they are giving us a new feature that will let you put a blog on your site. Nice one – you guys are like 3 years late!

Oh well, I guess I already started this project. I may as well continue with it and add the features like commenting and blog rolls and all that good stuff. I wonder what other cool things I can program into it?

On a side note, thanks to everybody who has linked to my blog. I’ll link you back soon, I promise!