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So Nadine showed me this awesome site called that allows you to edit images via a flash application.  Translation: Do image editing work without using Photoshop!  They have a few photo editing apps on there, but I use Pixlr Editor.

I haven’t used it that much yet, but I have used it on my junky slow laptop that I wouldn’t dare install Photoshop on.  The interface is a lot like Photoshop.  Translation: It’s pretty much a blatant imitation of Photoshop.

For the light weight user who just does stuff for blogging, this is a really good option.  You can resize, crop, optimize for web, use the healing tool, magic wand, change levels, blur, vignette… awesome!

Something I do a lot is take screen captures, so I downloaded this plugin called Pixlr Grabber for my firefox browser that allows me to right click a website and open it directly in the image editor.

Nerdy side note: Something like this is super important to the web centric OS movement.  I really think that one day we’re all going to have web based operating systems like Google Chrome OS, and development of applications like these are essential to making that happen.


This project had a really tight deadline and I finished everything in 2 months!  Thanks to Koyo and Daniel for keeping on top of deadlines and deliverables!  I am really proud of this one!

Client wanted to be able to showcase their unique position as the only aftermarket OE manufacturer  who also manufacturers aftermarket racing radiators, as well as their involvement with top-tier drivers in the Japanese drift series D1 Grand Prix.  Koyo now has 2 sites on the internet… their OE site ( which is targeted at distributors and other corporate entities and their racing site ( which is targeted at the younger sport compact crowd.

They wanted to be able to update their own content, including a blog, informational pages, product lineup and media albums with photos and videos.  I created a content management system so they could update content on their own, an integrated media center for web photos, albums and videos, product information and etc!

Please check out the website and let me know what you think!  All comments/suggestions are appreciated!

My Recent Project


My most recent project has gone live!  When you have the chance please go visit!

This is the corporate site which showcases their company as an OE manufacturer.  This site features a parts search and a content management system that allows them to update the site by themselves.


Next up is the racing site!  Coming in the next few weeks!

I’m fed up with my current hosting company, so this site is moving. It may be down for a couple days as I try to figure out how to reconfigure it, but I’ve got everything all backed up so this old site will look the same.

I actually bought and I’m thinking about meshing these two sites together and continuing this blog there.

Also, my RSS feed address might change and that may screw up your feed readers if you’re using it. Please check in next week if you don’t see any updates on here!


Just in time for SEMA!

This is the site I’ve been working on for the past 3 months… It has its own content management system, so the client can login and update the news and various sections of the website on their own. They can also update the wheel charts on their own and manage their list of dealers.

Also check out the nifty dealer locator. That took me tons of time – I had to write it myself!!

Here’s a bit of trivia:
Did you know that there is no rhyme or reason for a zipcode being in a certain location? 91792 is NOT guaranteed to be neighbors with 91793… in fact it can be hundreds of miles away.

So how do you find the distance from your zipcode to the nearest dealer? You have to know longitude and latitude coordinates for every zipcode in the United States. Finding that kind of (free) data was really hard… and was only the tip of the iceberg!

Rob has been bugging me about getting my journal to work with Google Reader… the problem is that anything new on this site has to be PROGRAMMED BY ME. Sucks!

I got off my lazy butt and made it work. Google reader is pretty cool actually. Ever use it? Instead of visitng my buddys’ blogs everyday, Google Reader puts all the blogs in one place where it’s easy to read. AND it will let you know whenever there is an update!

Oh yeah, I also programmed the journal to e-mail you if somebody posted a comment under yours.

I am awesomely geeky. Go me!