So I used to be a very happy Netflix customer until I got a Blu-Ray player at home.  Netflix has an additional charge for Blu-Ray DVDs, so I signed up with Blockbuster because Blu-Ray is free.

So since I’ve signed up with Blockbuster, I’ve been sent 3 DVDs that weren’t even in my queue and I’ve been notified of returning 2 DVDs that I didn’t return (or didn’t even receive to begin with.)

It’s pretty annoying because every time it happens I get so confused trying to find out if I missed out on a good DVD because of it.

Today it said that I returned Dirty Harry.  I never even got it!  Today I also received Two and a Half Men Season 3 disc 4 – which I didn’t order and doesn’t even show up on the website as me having it.  What the heck!!!  Anybody want a free DVD?