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So I used to be a very happy Netflix customer until I got a Blu-Ray player at home.  Netflix has an additional charge for Blu-Ray DVDs, so I signed up with Blockbuster because Blu-Ray is free.

So since I’ve signed up with Blockbuster, I’ve been sent 3 DVDs that weren’t even in my queue and I’ve been notified of returning 2 DVDs that I didn’t return (or didn’t even receive to begin with.)

It’s pretty annoying because every time it happens I get so confused trying to find out if I missed out on a good DVD because of it.

Today it said that I returned Dirty Harry.  I never even got it!  Today I also received Two and a Half Men Season 3 disc 4 – which I didn’t order and doesn’t even show up on the website as me having it.  What the heck!!!  Anybody want a free DVD?

Road Ragin’


So Nadine is at the police station right now because some road raging guy decided to get out of his car, yell at Nadine with full swear mode on, and then kick the driver’s side door.  All this while Kristy was in the passenger seat!!

Seriously people, what’s wrong with your world that you feel the need to get into fights over the way others drive?  At what point do you realize that all the honking and yelling and throwing things is just a little overboard?  Is it worth putting your life in danger just so that you can tell the other person you got cut off?

People get too worked up.