Pre drift event: I had problems with Discount Tire Center in El Monte… long story short – they ripped the bead on my new Potenza S-03 and wouldn’t admit it. I almost damaged my wheels and had to go back a total of 4 times to get the whole matter resolved. Anyway, hopefully it will be resolved if he holds up his end of the deal. After all that I had to rewire my MAF… it was messing up my car big time… since then, my car is idling a little higher, and boost is a lot smoother… on top of that, I think my gas mileage is better!

Post drift event: The event was GREAT. Thanks again to Moto for putting together yet another great event. I’m glad to see that a lot of people are getting better. So… Saturday was Nadine’s first drift event! I was so excited to teach her. First we went onto the skidpad where we learned how to negotiate the weird airport tarmac (it was almost like driving in wet conditions except it was dry). Even though she won’t admit it, she learned a lot that day and I’m really proud of her. She learned how to induce oversteer (and understeer), weight transfer, countersteer, and entry speeds. Kyle, Marc, and Johnny also did a GREAT job that day… they always amaze me on how quickly they learn and how much potential they have. As for me, I learned how great my LSD is… my KAAZ diff compared to a vlsd is like comparing night to day… like a KA to an SR (times 10). Also, I learned to stop trying to be so fast… I need to learn to master the slow and technical before I can REALLY be good at the high speeds. This is the same lesson I taught myself at the skidpad at the Buttonwillow event with Hiroshi and Shinji. Anyway, everybody did a great deal of learning… good job you guys. See you at the next event!