I went to a Speedtrial event last weekend… there was a car control group reserved for us “car controllers”. The day was amazing. I couldn’t believe how akward it was for me that day… even though I’ve been out on that track many times, this time it felt like new. I think it was due to all of the learning that I’ve gained since the last time I was there. It forced me to look at the track in a different way… more possibilities, new entry speeds, new drifting lines, new techniques.

It was so strange being so unfamiliar with such a familiar track. I had a horrible time finding the correct lines and braking points and entry speeds of each turn… I was inconsistent throughout the whole day. But I am happy because this was the first time in a while that I was doing things to really challenge myself. It’s almost like when I first started learning and I had the hardest time trying to reach for something that was only a little beyond my reach.

In the end, I did a whole lot of learning… I noticed a lot of new things. I did 3rd gear braking drift at the bowl (and now I am getting much more comfortable with braking drift), I realized the importance of a few hundred rpms while entering a drift, I successfully feinted the skidpad 5 times, almost topping out 2nd gear at entry of the feint. I also learned that no matter what I’m concentrating on, I have to keep an open mind, because there is sometimes something I don’t see. I learned that from watching Hiro. Some things I brushed up on were smooth drifting exits, more precise steering, smoother drifting angles, and braking in the middle of a drift to change angle and speed.

So when’s the next event? Drift Day 4 held by Club4AG! Go sign up, I’m sure there will be plenty of learning and sharpening of skills that day. See ya there!