Well, Vegas was fun! We all had a great time there, enjoying the casinos, the food, the atmosphere. Thank you vegasdrift.com for hosting the event! My new Exedy clutch is holding up nicely! It’s got a 6 puck cerametallic clutch plate, and comes with a lightened flywheel, and pressure plate… good up to 400hp and it’s VERY streetable! What did I learn that day… I started to grasp the sidebrake idea mid-drift in order to adjust angle and distance. It’s interesting! I also picked up a great tip from Ernie about how to increase speed while sliding… and I learned from Ken Gushi that I really need to get better with my clutch! As you may have heard already, JDM Rice had an accident… we’re all very sorry to see it go, but Richard has the best attitude about the whole thing… we can’t wait to see you back on the track again! Good luck!

So last weekend was the D1 Grand Prix’s driver’s search… and to prepare, I made a few changes… I got new tires (215/45/17 Falken ST-115) and I picked up a boost controller! The great guys at Blitz were nice enough to install it for me too. I was a little hesitant getting the boost controller, because I wasn’t sure if I really needed the boost controller yet or not… turns out I made great use of it at the event, so I’m glad! There’s so much to say about the D1 driver’s search… I guess I’ll try to keep it as concise as possible. I had a lot of fun… I drifted at the highest speed I’ve ever done before… 6500rpms in 3rd gear. I was surprised, because I was strangely comfortable at that speed. I’ve been working so hard on my entry speeds all year, and I think I’m pretty satisfied with where I’ve gotten. I’ve learned (from not making 2nd round) that I really need to work on fine tuning my line, angle, and speed… I’m really excited now about all the things that I want to learn! I’m setting my sights on the D1 guys – I don’t know if I’ll ever get there, or if I do, how soon it will be, but I figure there’s no better goal than straight to the top. I’m going to be pushing myself 3 times harder than ever before. Anyway, congratulations to Ken, Ernie, Hubert, Bryan, Daijiro, and Calvin. You guys did great… and thanks for another lesson learned!