Hello internet land! Well, I have videos for you. Here you are:
1st run
2nd run
3rd run

ANYWAYS, if you want to look at me try to get better but fail, you’ll notice that in my first run, I don’t do such a bad job, but I felt like I started my drift too late, and on top of that, I wanted to get a lot closer to the inside of the turn. You can see as you get through to my 3rd run that I do that – however, my exiting speed isnt as good as the first run. What did I realize? That although I put my car where I wanted it to be in the corner, it actually hindered my exiting speed – because I was putting my car at the wrong spot! The apex of the turn was much later than I thought it was… I wasn’t thinking – at all! Anyways, the beauty of video… you can watch yourself and see what you’re doing wrong.

Well, another cool thing is that I’m a new and proud owner of an Exedy Hyper Single clutch! It comes with a 6 puck cerametallic clutch disc, a forged aluminum clutch cover and a steel flywheel. I think it’s good to 400hp! I can’t wait to get it… because then it’s clutch kicking time. I’m beginning to realize that although most people find that kicking the clutch is the easiest technique as a beginner… and then later stray away from it as they get better… and then there’s a point where they go back to clutch kicking – because as you get better, you can learn to use the clutch to send the car to it’s absolute limits and stay there, in control. I guess we’ll just have to see… The D1 drivers search is coming up. It’s on June 15th at Irwindale Speedway. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it, but for sure I’ll do my best to put on a show for all of those awesome drivers that I’ve looked up to for the past few years. Time to get working on my car!!