So, my car has pretty much been sitting at home for a while doing nothing. The last time I drove it was to GT Live for the XDL demo. I took it out for the practice session and realized that the car wasn’t drifting right. It wasn’t staying sideways… the front end felt really loose, and I just didn’t understand what was going on. So I ended up driving the Yellow Thing instead. While driving it home, it felt like the sway bar was disconnected, my steering rack bushings were dead (even though I changed them recently), and possibly my whole front crossmember was loose. On top of that, my throwout bearing has been whining for a long time, and Nadine has my battery in her car… so yeah… it was sitting at home as a big crunched up dirty piece of art.

Well, Charlie’s Just Drift event at the balcony is coming up, and I finally decided to try and get the car back together so I can have some tandem fun! I stopped by Phase 2 Motortrend and they gave me a great price on a new throwout bearing, pilot bearing, Nismo steering rack bushings, and Phase 2 Motortrend aluminum rear subframe spacers (since Nadine has my Tanabe ones!). Whew, this is becoming quite a load on my bank account! I’m also going to take the car to