So Gushi san not only changed my throw out bearing and pilot bearings, he also re-welded the front end of my car for me!! I’ve needed this so badly for at least a year now, but I was always too lazy to take it to somebody so that it can be done. Woo-hoo! The car feels MUCH more solid now… the steering, braking, cornering… and it feels stable driving at high speeds. I’m so glad!

While the car was on the lift, the Phase 2 rear subframe spacers went in also… nice… It feels good to make u-turns and starting from a stop without having the whole rear end hop and knock the crap out of the chassis. It makes a nice popping noise instead now.

So what’s next? Well, my tranny is going out… it’s been whining A LOT lately, and Gushi san thinks it will last at the max 2 more events. I dunno… it’s been whining for a while… hopefully it will last for the Just Drift event next weekend! If not, I’ll just keep breaking those gears until all I have is 1st and 5th! Hahaha!

Happy Friday!