Well, last weekend was a freakin BLAST. Nadine and I got our cars together for the Land-Ho & Just Drift! event. I haven’t been out to a Just Drift! event in a while now, and it’s mostly because I’ve been so busy competing or just because of time conflicts with other stuff.

It was good to go back out there and have care free fun. Nadine and I did tandem for the first time. She was really nervous when she was leading and would drift into a pretty bad understeer… so I started to lead and she didn’t have any problems at all. I was flooring it all the way into the corner and in 3rd gear on entry, and she was able to keep up just fine! JT told me that I would initiate really early and Nadine would wait a little… then initiate and catch up with me. Pretty cool! It was so much fun to be able to do that… drifting is just completely different when you are drifting along side your friends… it becomes more of a social thing than just a personal hobby.

My car was holding up fine… but it was a bit weird considering that I’m used to driving much faster cars. Driving my sileighty felt really really slow. My toe was also off since I didn’t get another alignment after Gushi san fixed my front end… so the car was understeering a lot. The remedy: kick the clutch right before I thought the car would understeer. It works! Haha!

I started to take the stickers off of the sileighty. It feels really good to be able to do that. Some of the stickers are FROM HELL and will not come off… I guess I’m just going to have to leave those alone. But I’m going to start making the car streetable again… I can’t believe I’m going to put my interior BACK IN!

Anyway, this summer will be cool. I can’t wait!