So Steve was really nice and helped me to take off ALL the stickers from my car. He also helped me wax it, after pointing out how totally destroyed my paint was. After running my finger across his car’s paint, yeah… I started to feel bad. Especially considering that my car was “recently” painted in 2000!

So after spending a half day with my car it’s back to “normal” with no stickers… it’s a pretty big shock! I drove the car to the supermarket and as I was walking back to my car I had flashbacks from way back when nobody knew what the heck my car was and what drifting was. It was a nice feeling to be able to drive somewhere without getting mass attention from everybody around me. Thanks for the help Steve!

Naoki and Will from Nitro 2 Go energy drinks got together and asked me if I wanted to be a demo driver for Rim of the World Rally on May 7th! I’m so excited… I can’t wait to get back into my racing suit and into the Yellow Thing so that I can throw up some smoke and make some noise. The best part is, Nadine and hopefully Ching Chong Alex will be there with me! I’m already choreographing in my head MUAHAHAH. I’m going to miss round 1 and round 2 of formula D and it’s been kinda depressing me, but this will be good and it’s going to be way more fun than competing, I think.

Picture of my car without the stickers!