Nadine, Noelle, Kat, Ryan, and I drove up to Nor Cal last weekend for Drift Day 1. I had way a lot of fun… the guys up there were hella cool and there was hella drifting going on that day! Dean was driving his brother’s car, which had no oil in it, and there was hella rod knock when I was driving it. TJ was super super nice and let me drive his car all day long and I hella kicked the clutch, and his car hella kicked my butt. Seriously… I was being aggressive with the car, but the thing bit back! At the end of the day, my arms were hurting, and TJ stubbed his finger really bad. I’m not sure why he needed his right thumb to work, but apparently, he was sad about it. It was a good day… there was one run where I swear that I really used the max potential of the car and the course and it felt really really good.

Thanks to all the guys up there who asked for help and made my day worth while. I need to take road trips more often!