Last weekend, I was at another Just Drift event at the Balcony… only this time I wasn’t there for instruction, I was there for driving! It was way fun driving with Nadine and Alex. I got to drive Henry’s FC… man… that thing is tough to drive. Power at the high RPM ranges, no power steering, and no traction! It was really hard to keep the car where I wanted it, because it always seemed a little out of control. I give Henry a lot of respect for being so consistent in that thing!

There’s something funny about my car… when I am on boost for long periods of time, the boost just dies completely off. Then I give it a second to calm down, and the boost is there again. I’m not sure why it does it, but the only thing right now that makes sense to me is that maybe the actuator is getting weak?

Anyway, doing donuts with Nadine and Alex was a lot of fun… this is what drifting is all about! Drifting along side your friends… it’s awesome.

On Sunday we had a BBQ for my buddy Brent’s birthday. It’s been a while since we BBQed! I had such a blast… I really want to start BBQing again. Good times, good times.