Yeah okay! So Nadine, Alex, and I are way busy getting ready for the Rim of the World Rally drifting demo this weekend in Lancaster… last weekend we did a little practicing, although Alex had car problems, and I was practicing in my sileighty instead of the Yellow Thing.

Bad news… I just found out that Yellow Thing won’t be ready for this weekend’s demo! Ahhh! Luckily enough, Richard is letting me use JDM Rice 2 (I am going to call it Pink Thing) for the demo… Richard! Thank you so much!!!

Nadine is getting her car tuned at Blast… it will be running way better and with more power! I can’t wait… my birthday is coming up this Friday, and I don’t even feel like I have time to celebrate! I mean… it’s just a day… I guess I can celebrate any day I want to, especially if it’s more convenient!

Hmmmmm… drifting…. drool….