Last weekend’s drifting exhibition at Rim of the World Rally was one of my favorite drifting experiences ever! Being the first exhibition where I was actually somewhat in control, I realized how much more rganized it should have been, but I learned a lot, and I know what to do to make an exhibition a lot better, if I’m ever invited to do another one.

Man, it was super super hectic the night before… It was my birthday as well as Richard’s, but I didn’t really get to celebrate it because Nadine’s car was having tuning issues, and we ran back and forth to Blast Racing in Gardena twice! We got home around 2:30 AM… and then I had to take wheels and a seat out of my sileighty for Alex to use… and then I also had to work with Will @ Nitro 2 Go for Alex’s stickers. At about 4AM I called Richard and found out that he just finished too… We went to bed and slept in a little, since we didn’t have to be at Lancaster until noon.

We got to the track and goofed off as usual… getting the cars ready, BSing with Mark Slide Squad, Marc, Alex, and Nadine… and then time came to set up the track. Since I help Taka with the Drift Day tracks and Charlie with his Just Drift tracks, I knew where not to put certain corners. In the end, it didn’t really matter though, since the coned off course was totally destroyed!

Anyway, I had a really great time… drifting with my friends, interacting with the crowd and getting their reactions… giving people rides… it was great, specially considering that most of the crowd never saw drifting before. One of the kids I gave a ride to, was shaking his legs uncontrollably while I was drifting. He was yelling and so excited. Another lady I gave a ride to was screaming and giggling the whole time… man… experiencing that was totally crazy. It’s just little ol me! Nothing to get all crazy about!

There were some cones laid out as a boundary. We weren’t supposed to drift past that boundary for spectator safety. So instead I was drifting right up next to me while giving a thumbs up to the crowd. It was the first time I’ve been able to hear crowd reaction while drifting… usually Formula D events are so far from the crowd, it’s hard to hear anything. But this time was much easier to see them having fun while I was having fun. Actually a bunch of camera guys came right up to the line of cones that I was playing with. I’m not sure if they were stupid, didn’t care for their lives, or maybe they thought I was good enough to trust with their lives. Anyway, I did it over and over and over again… until on one run, I drifted right by them and got too close to the cones just past them and took out like 5 of them. Hahaha! The camera men were nowhere to be seen after that!

It was so much fun… I can’t wait to do it again.

Thank you Richard for letting me use your car! Thank you for taking care of all that drama too! I owe you too much…