Well for some reason all 3 of our cars have had problems this week. What the heck! Alex’s car spun a rod bearing last week, busted a turbo coolant line… Nadine’s car experienced an electrical short and burned her wiring harness right before getting tuned at Blast… and the Yellow Thing is not ready!

Well, Marco from SR20Store.com was super awesome and he replaced the rod bearing… and with the help of Ken Flores, also found and fixed Nadine’s short. Richard is letting me borrow JDM Rice II for the demo, and Marc made 2 tire trips for Alex and I… we have awesome friends, and now the drama is all over! We just need to pick up Nadine’s car from Blast, and everything is set!

Mark Hutchinson is going to be joining us for the demo, and I’m pretty excited… Man, I remember back in the day like in 1999 when I saw drifting footage and thought Mark was awesome at drifting. Now we’re going to be doing demo together! Anyway, it will be cool to see all my buddies drifting all around me… I can’t wait!

If you aren’t doing anything this Saturday come out and watch us!!! If you’re a personal friend of mine, bring your helmet!!!!! Go here for more info! 6:30 PM!!!
Rim of the World Rally

Oh yeah, it’s my birthday today! And Richard’s too! Happy birthday to us!