This time from Autopolis… it’s nice to see the OG guys come back and do well.

I guess side brake entry is required for a course layout like this… I just hate to see it if it isn’t for the purpose of going ass-backwards into the corner.

And has anybody else notice how many of the cars out there have ~800hp?! What a testament to Japanese tuners! How do they keep from contantly overheating? Breaking axles, transmissions and clutches? Oh yeah and blowing engines? Not that I feel that competitive drifting requires 800hp, but how the heck do you campaign such a setup and make it reliable?? America, we are doing it wrong!

Some various notes I’d like to mention:

  • Okamura is CRAZY in that car. I’ve never seen such an old dude adapt so well (and quickly) to drifting. He rocks it so hard in this video.
  • Drift Samurai gets into 6th gear?!
  • I do not enjoy watching that huge Crown drift.
  • Naoto Suenaga is always driving one of Kumakubo’s many hand me down cars and it’s so confusing
  • Yamashita in the Weld Mark II!
  • Shinji Minowa is awesome for putting Hey Man so huge on the side of his car