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Sometimes I’m completely overwhelmed with jealousy… this is one of those moments.  I don’t know how they got permission to drift Mulholland Drive, but they did and it’s amazing.  I’ve always wanted to take my red car up into the mountains with stickers and all and just wreak havoc, but it will probably never happen.  I’ll add that one to my bucket list.  I can see it now – “Dying 80 year old man arrested for drifting his classic Nissan in the Glendora mountains.”

I just randomly found this picture of me on a french website.  I guess it’s somehow related to Mulsanne… I remember befriending an older French guy with Mulsanne on his business card.  I think that same business is somehow involved with a local drift team in Southern California.

Anyway, the picture is of me driving the KAAZ car at Irwindale in front of the D1 judges.   Funny – I can’t even remember what event this is!  The combination of me not remembering plus the picture shows barely any smoke tells me that I probably didn’t do very well.  But it’s still nice to see new pictures from the past!

Dai is on the cover of Road & Track! Can’t wait to pick up a copy!

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I randomly found this blog post on dated September 27, 2009 right before the recent Irwindale event.  I guess there is somebody else out there that thinks about the first years of Formula D.

yellow thing irwindale 2005

This car was really really cool. So simple in certain ways and very innovative in others.


This project had a really tight deadline and I finished everything in 2 months!  Thanks to Koyo and Daniel for keeping on top of deadlines and deliverables!  I am really proud of this one!

Client wanted to be able to showcase their unique position as the only aftermarket OE manufacturer  who also manufacturers aftermarket racing radiators, as well as their involvement with top-tier drivers in the Japanese drift series D1 Grand Prix.  Koyo now has 2 sites on the internet… their OE site ( which is targeted at distributors and other corporate entities and their racing site ( which is targeted at the younger sport compact crowd.

They wanted to be able to update their own content, including a blog, informational pages, product lineup and media albums with photos and videos.  I created a content management system so they could update content on their own, an integrated media center for web photos, albums and videos, product information and etc!

Please check out the website and let me know what you think!  All comments/suggestions are appreciated!