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I often think about the day in the following blog entry.  I wrote this before the term “blog” existed… it was an “online journal” that I had to manually update with my programming skills.

12.02.2003 – Riding Shotgun with Team Orange + Drift Showoff 3 @ Irwindale

I forgot about some of those details… I’m glad I’ve managed to keep this blog alive for so many years.

Pictures by Kyle


Logan sent me a picture he found on flickr… it was a picture of Nadine and I taken by my long time buddy Kyle. This got me looking through his photos and man… I miss those days!


Back when it was a big deal to have an SR20DET, people wanted me to pop my hood and do burnouts. This time I did it with my silencer in. Bad idea.


This was taken on the day that I met Nadine


Before Ogawara Ken became Kenta the Japanese magazine editor, he used to hang out and signal that the roads were clear for drifting at touge


The buddies doing a day time touge drive


Kyle caught this picture of everybody standing around their cars with their hands in their pockets


This is Option's Ikaten where Javier made it in the finals with Alex Pfeiffer and Andy Yen


@ Drift Day 4 with Nadine and Kristy... parked next to Charlie's S13 coupe. You can see my TE37s there too... <3


Ken chan in his original s13. The coolest thing about his car is that it had that sticker on the windshield.


@ Nissan Fest... love those sunset photos


Nadine's car during my favorite phase... when it was red.


Drifting with Nadine


such a cool artsy shot of Cindy and her car


I took this one of Steve's car and Kyle made it cool with Photoshop


good ol' days when we used to race together

I randomly found this blog post on dated September 27, 2009 right before the recent Irwindale event.  I guess there is somebody else out there that thinks about the first years of Formula D.

yellow thing irwindale 2005

This car was really really cool. So simple in certain ways and very innovative in others.

This time from Autopolis… it’s nice to see the OG guys come back and do well.

I guess side brake entry is required for a course layout like this… I just hate to see it if it isn’t for the purpose of going ass-backwards into the corner.

And has anybody else notice how many of the cars out there have ~800hp?! What a testament to Japanese tuners! How do they keep from contantly overheating? Breaking axles, transmissions and clutches? Oh yeah and blowing engines? Not that I feel that competitive drifting requires 800hp, but how the heck do you campaign such a setup and make it reliable?? America, we are doing it wrong!

Some various notes I’d like to mention:

  • Okamura is CRAZY in that car. I’ve never seen such an old dude adapt so well (and quickly) to drifting. He rocks it so hard in this video.
  • Drift Samurai gets into 6th gear?!
  • I do not enjoy watching that huge Crown drift.
  • Naoto Suenaga is always driving one of Kumakubo’s many hand me down cars and it’s so confusing
  • Yamashita in the Weld Mark II!
  • Shinji Minowa is awesome for putting Hey Man so huge on the side of his car

My car went through a lot of different phases. It started as a 240 with faded paint, then it got a fresh black paint job and silvia face, then it got a wangan spoiler and a zenki front lip, then I got 5 lug 17″ wheels, got side skirts, then Japanese rear unders, then an aero bumper with a zenki lip spoiler then I went back to 180 face and painted it red. And throughout the whole process it got new stickers, got rid of old stickers, etc.

Although I look at my car these days and think that it looks really cool, it’s still not my favorite era of my car. It was my favorite back in 2003 when I got my tapered face TE37s and I had stickers going from the rear part of the door and up the rear fender.

I’m being honest when I say that I really don’t see any sileighties that look good to me.  Back in the days of 1998 I did, but I never really liked any others… besides mine.  I think the silvia face just really does not match a hatchback s13 or something.  But for some reason I still think mine looked cool and I can’t really come up with a reason why.  Is it because it’s black?  Maybe it’s that combined with the zenki lip and wangan wing?  Maybe it’s just because it’s mine and I’m being nostalgic.  I’m not sure!  All I know is that I could spend hours on end looking at my car in the driveway and I still feel the same way when I see these old pics.

Here’s some pics of what my car looked like during my favorite stage.  Maybe with my r32 wheels in the rear instead of those 5zigens.

Best sileighty 2003

Best sileighty 2003 with Nadine 180

Ken Gushi and me at a video shoot @ Mojave’s airplane graveyard. I think this is where they filmed the movie Con Air.