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Me and my boro sileighty… my driver’s side power window decided to stop working the other day, while its 100 degrees everyday! WTF? And NOW, I have a big fat boost leak… I’m practically feeling no boost. What is the world coming to? I swear… someday, there will be NOTHING wrong with my car.

Looks like I’m going to miss running SpeedTrials this weekend. I haven’t gotten the bushings in yet. However, I did replace the bent bar that was holding my tension rod. And there’s a new popping noise in my car when I turn the steering wheel in a certain way… Under the car, there is a leaking coming from my cv boots and my power steering assembly. That might be the popping noise… a leak somewhere. I swear, my car is only 9 years old, and I feel like I have to maintain it like its a hachiroku. Anyway, I’m planning on getting the Kaaz lsd soon… and hopefully some rims too. Man will I be poor.

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This weather is a joke. Today was horrible. I drove to fontana for 2 things, to get some new tires (my rear tires were bald already! wtf?), and to pick up the metal frame piece that was bent from the accident. Well, I exited the fwy and discovered my rear tire to be blown. Good job. So i jacked up my car with the stock jack (I was missing a metal bar for the stock jack, so I spun the knob with some pliers. Good job.) I swear it was about 110 degrees out. So I fixed that, and then I rushed over to the used tire shop. Low and behold, they only have 205/50/15. No 55’s? Si, they are out back, amigo. Liar. There were none. So I bought 2 Michelin Pilot’s for 50 bucks, and 15 bucks for mounting and balancing. Ran over to the yards, and found my part right away. $40. Not bad. Now I get to work on my car tonight. I’m so excited. Or, maybe not.

The funniest thing happened yesterday. A modified Mustang Cobra was playing with me on the streets of Irvine yesterday. And I know I’m not a dragger, but I was feeling a little bit cocky about my car since I just capped a vacuum leak and the car was feeling better. So anyway, I take off on the Cobra big time then we come to a stop light head to head. Then he starts revving his car hard… If you have ever heard a modified cobra rev, it’s pretty intimidating. So I start revving but only to about 2.5-3k rpms, just little ones… the light turns green and I pop the clutch… I watch my rpms as they speed to 7k rpms and… wtf, I’m not moving anywhere! Hahaha, I was sitting there at the light still, doing a fat burnout in front of the guy behind me! Oh well, I guess with an SR, you better have some 235’s in the back if you want to drag race.
Other than that experience, I installed my Trust boost gauge yesterday. The only thing is that I have to hook up the electricity. I can’t see it at night! But I think I may have a leak somewhere, since I am supposed to boost at about .5 bar, and instead, I’m boosting only to .4 bar… *sigh* another problem to solve.

Wow 2 days in a row that I’ve written a journal entry. Today I found another wound on my sileighty… the lower bar that the bushing end of the tension rod connects to is bent. It’s bent pretty bad, and is mis-aligning my tension rod. That is a possible explanation to my positive camber coming out of my driver’s side wheel. I’m sure that it was due to my first accident on the highway. I shouldn’t have to pay for it. Anyway, now I’m going to have to search the yards for a replacement piece. I’m also considering a Nismo bushing kit that will replace all the bushings in my car. Geez, I need to update this webpage pretty badly.

Okay so I lied. I didn’t go to Speed Trials. BUT I have a good excuse. While working on my car, getting ready for Sunday, I discovered that I had torn up old bushings in my tension rods. Yikes! So I backed out of the event. So this past weekend, I spent $200 to upgrade my brakes… I bought some slotted rotors made by Brembo, and I got some racing compound brake pads made by Hawk. A very good brake bad, btw. I also bought some Potenza RE71’s and put them up front with my Dori’s. That is a great tire. So in the meantime, I am going to do some serious work on my car to get it in a good reliable condition… something that I’ll have more confidence in thrashing on the track and up at touge. I gotta fix my fuel pickup problem, replace my tension rods, upgrade shocks, install stainless brake lines, GET LSD!