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FF dori

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I just got back from touge… The first time I’ve been up there since I slammed the sileighty into a canyon wall 2 months ago. I was way anxious about getting back up into winding mountain roads, but I was real nervous at the same time… and that’s how I was driving – fast at times, but also real careful through the turns. Anyway, I decided to take a ride with my friend Mike, a skilled FF driver. I was very impressed. On the way back up to the top, he was complaining the tires weren’t gripping, so he was yanking the sidebrake to get some oversteer. I was very impressed. But the rear tires got too hot, and he got really sideways, and then spun out and hit a wall. Touge is no joke, guys. Even the greatest drivers f*ck up and put their cars into walls. Anyway, everybody is okay. The FF has some damage, but Mike is very lucky to get what he got. It could have been much worse. So what’s new with my car… I took the Silvia grill off. It looks better in my opinion. Also, I installed a hose to get air to my sidemount intercooler (remember, I have a q’s silvia bumper, so there is no hole to vent the sidemount intercooler). I also got a set of decent tires and my passenger side auto seatbelt works now. Other than that, I’m just trying to get ready for Speed Trials this upcoming weekend!

I’m really sorry I haven’t updated in a long time. I lost my T1 connection after I graduated!! Oh well, just wait for me to get cable modem or dsl and I’ll be up in here a lot more often. So what’s new… last week, I took a “spin” in a hachiroku with a Kaaz 2-way lsd. That was fun as hell… I took it into a parkinglot and did a figure 8 and some donuts. Now, I want an lsd more than ever! It’s so much easier to control the drift. Anyway, my car is ghetto. A bunch of stupid little things that are wrong with the car… I will get them fixed soon, I hope…

DAMN, I haven’t updated this page in a long ass time! Well, let me let you know whats been going on if you don’t know already… My project 180sx is no longer a project 180sx. It’s now a project Sileighty! I got my car back from the bodyshop, with the PS13 Silvia’s fenders, Q’s bumper, non-projector headlights, stock grill, and a fiberglass hood. The car is looking good. To tell you the truth, I was way paranoid when I got it back. But I’ve realized… nobody looks at my car. When I’m driving on the road, cops don’t give me a second look, and neither do the ricers. I was paranoid about the paint too… especially since I’ve been going to touge almost every weekend. But on May 28, I crashed while coming down from touge. The car is perfectly fine… but my bumper is scratched up… which is ok! Because now I’m not paranoid about the pretty paint job! Ok, I’m outta here. Finals are coming up again. Drive safe everybody.

Well, finals week is this upcoming week, and I haven’t studied ALL day! Hahaha. Picked up a Bomex wangan wing today, and it’s pretty cool! It’s so funny… my car looks DOPE in the back, cuz all my cool mods are in the back (i.e. – 180sx rear center panel, Blitz Nur-SpecR, Bomex wangan spoiler, Kei Office Doridoris). But oh well, my car’s exterior is beginning to take form… something that I didn’t expect to happen for a long time. I also picked up a headlight controller so that I can sleepy eye my headlights during the day and pop up all the way for seeing at night. Hopefully I can install it next weekend with the help of my friend John. Oh man, my rear passenger side brake pad is fucking up my rotor! Its putting this deep groove into it! I’m going to change it soon, and hopefully everything will be okay. Dang, I gotta get back to studying. I need to take some pictures!!!

How do you guys like the new changes? I’m gonna complete that drifter’s page, I promise… I have finals next week, so if nobody hears from me in a week, thats why. Anyway, I missed the auto-x this weekend… I was busy helping out Antonio from Team Cipher with his jdm bumpers on his ae86… he’s got a photoshoot with Young Version tomorrow! What do you mean what is Young Version? It’s a japanese car magazine. Anyway, we had hell with this one bolt that would not come off. Does anybody care about my car? Well if you do, then I will be glad to say that I am the proud owner of 2 Kei Office Doridoris! The doridori is a mesh wheel made by Keiichi Tsuchiya, the Drift King! Cool eh? I’m currently running them on the back, since I cannot fit them up front with my 300zx TT front brake upgrade, WHICH I have sitting in my garage at home! Oh man, I got LOTS of business to take care of once finals are over! Modify my passenger ’96 seat to fit, upgrade brakes, CLEAN the interior, wash the car, wax the car heavily… I already changed the oil… a lot easier than i thought… that damn location of the oil filter… horrible! oh yeah, my friend Will hooked up my radiator fan for me. What a cool guy that Will is…

Rough Idle

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I changed the spark plugs this weekend, in attempt to fix my rough idle problem… ’93 300zx TT NGK Platinums… each one ran me about $13! No luck… Next thing I’m gonna try is using the fuel injector cleaner I bought… if that doesnt work, what else could it be? A faulty mass airflow sensor? Who knows… I hope its the injectors… hahah. Hey there’s an Auto-X event this weekend. Hopefully I can make it and rough up my car a little. If any of you see me there, come by and say wassup!